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Things to bring

Food: Please bring the food your pet is accustomed to eating every day.

As there are so many brands of dog food on the market and we cannot possibly carry all of them, we require you bring your own food. We recommend you bring just enough for the stay plus an additional day in case you are delayed. Please bring all food in a disposable container. NO Tupperware please. Plastic zip lock bags work great as do grocery bags. Keeping your pet on his/her own brand keeps gastro intestinal eruptions at a minimum or non existent!

Bedding: If you wish to bring your own bedding please do not bring anything that can't be washed with bleach. Or might be irreplaceable.

All articles brought in with pets will be returned clean as we frequently wash bedding belonging to a pet guest.

Items from home: Pets use articles brought in with them such as toy and chewing play things, so please do  not bring any item which you do not wish to be chewed.

Also large foam  or cedar filled pet beds are difficult for us to wash so we discourage you from bringing large pads unless they have a removable cover. The kennel provides comfy bedding such as blankets and fleece throws to cover the floor of our suites.

Items from home might include toys, towels, small blankets, etc. for these items will contain your household smells and make the pet feel more comfortable while away from home. Please limit the number of items to 1 or 2 pieces. Do not bring your pets favorite toy, bring new toys that will stimulate your pet's interest. We will take every care with your pet's possessions, but we will not be responsible for items lost or eaten. Keep in mind we do not guarantee return of these items- please bring items you consider to be "disposable".

Veterinary: Every attempt will be made to provide the care necessary for your pet, should an emergency occur.

It is important that you leave a phone number where you can be reached or an emergency contact person so that communication between you and the veterinarian can take place in a timely manner. If there is an emergency, we contact your veterinarian first. If he or she is unavailable, we contact our vet. Then we call you at the emergency number you provide. Please notify us about any pertinent medical history or problems with your pet that may

come up while they are here.